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Written by Benjamin Heacox

On November 7th, developer Robert Stark proposed a new project called nuCLEus to the Cleveland planning commission. He won unanimous approval for the conceptual framework of this project that would infuse both the retail and residential presence lacking near the downtown Gateway sports complex.

During his presentation on Friday, Stark stated his vision of “restoring the sense of energy in Cleveland [he] knew as a boy.” Stark has plans to return the now lackluster/dull gray block to its former glory, having once been a thriving store front. This new vision aims to generate high volume pedestrian traffic by incorporating national retailers and adding/building at least 500 new apartment units, hundreds of thousands of square feet in office space, and only 1,500 parking spaces.

There’s no question that Cleveland is starting to turn around. The day may soon come when we can’t gleefully diss our city anymore. The Cleveland economy is gaining momentum, our sports teams are getting better, and we’re starting to remember there’s a great deal that we already have to be proud of. Projects like “nuCLEus” are necessary to keep this momentum going. I hope that we can see Mr. Stark’s vision come to life soon.

Jan. 2, 2015 | Archived



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