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Lisa Rene' Debenedictis on The Vindicator Hour

Lisa Rene' Debenedictis reads excerpts from her new book, "Short Skirts and Shorter Stories."

This week, author Lisa Rene’ Debenedictis joined The Vindicator Hour to discuss her debut book “Short Skirts and Shorter Stories.” Her story recounts the arch of her life as a small-town Ohioan who moved to the Big Apple and later to Los Angeles to follow her dreams. Years later, after returning to Ohio as a mother, writer and advocate for the arts, Lisa has published her first book to, in her own words, “come back to the circle.”

To hear the full audio interview, click here.

Debenedictis has been a screenwriter and producer for television shows and films including Ellen, (a 90’s sitcom featuring Ellen Degeneres) and Mad About You. She was the Executive Story Editor for shows including Saved By the Bell: The College Years and Dream on. Also, she spent time as the Public Relations Consultant for multiple documentaries including Under Our Skin and Slingshot. A woman with a broad skillset, she even has experience in political consulting and helped to open the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Debenedictis was nominated for an Emmy and has received multiple Writers Guild Awards and the Prestigious Humanitas Prize.

Critics acclaim that her book “reflects the strange fruit of Life, celebrating its triumphs, savoring its sweetness, and casting a curious eye at its inevitable vicissitudes,” and that she “uses honesty as a compass to lead readers through a journey of laughs, smiles, and the occasional tear.” -Goodreads.

To purchase your copy of "Short Skirts and Shorter Stories," click here.

Lisa reads the chapters "Fortitude Forges Comedy," "Over the Moon," "Reflection on the Massacre at Sandy Hook," "Repose After Yet Another Fall," "Writing and Ranting in Response to Police Brutality," and "Ode to Iced Coffee."

Starting August 23, The Vindicator Hour will air every Tuesday from 3 to 5 p.m. on 89.3 WCSB-FM Cleveland.

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The Vindicator Hour is created and hosted by Ellen Robinson with her co-host Elisabeth Weems, Culture Editor of The Vindicator.



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