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Lighthouse Reading Series: Cleveland State’s Poetic Soul

CSU has a Poetry Center! Though this may be news for many of us, the organization now called Cleveland State Poetry Center began in 1962 as a part of the Fenn College of Engineering - the building that now holds most of CSU’s dorms - making it even older than our university. It began as a small club for poets and writers, but now our Poetry Center is a national, non-profit press dedicated to publishing the artistic work of students and even established writers. Basically, we are the poetry capital of Cleveland.

📷​​SMXLL 📷

Starting this weekend, Saturday September 12th, Cleveland State Poetry Center will begin hosting its annual public readings at the CSU Galleries. The first featured author, Siwar Masannat, is an Arab writer from Jordan. Today, she is a nationally recognized poet, and her first collection 50 Water Dreams was published by our own Poetry Center just last year! She will be reading excerpts from her book on Saturday, taking listeners on adventures and mysteries along side her characters Fadia and Ishmael. Each dream-poem is a fragment of a journey, and on Saturday, you can hear the journey from the dreamer’s own mouth.

📷​​SLXLM 📷

Poetry may be a foreign experience for many, but if you need a peaceful release from a not so poetic, often hectic student life, join the crowd at The Galleries at CSU Saturday evening (7pm). This is another opportunity to be a part of Cleveland’s art, meet interesting and creative individuals, and see first hand why our school is home to some of the best poetry around.​



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