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Dec. 30th

Poem by: Reem Abumeri

I got off of work early today, looking forward to relaxing.

Although, when I walked in and said, “I’m here” my entire world started collapsing.

My phone on 25 percent I didn’t know who to call. What I should do. He couldn't see or walk, and I was left with panic that I'd lose who I look up to.

“God why did this have to end with a fight?”

They were so quick about it, we didn’t know where he went or even had time to think.

All I could remember is my brother speeding and my heart starting to sink.

“God why did this have to end with a fight?”

It started with three people, then seven, and then maybe thirteen.

It’s these types of moments I appreciate, but wish it could be unseen.

3, 2, 1! New Year's Day has passed. yay.

And while my grandma pretended to be home, we were all stuck here, left to pray.

“God why did this have to end with a fight?”

Finally I could see him, the energy felt so grey.

The doctors say, “Your dad survived his first stroke, but he still had a long way.”

God, thank you for making my last moments with him not end with a stupid fight.

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