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Content You Never Knew You Needed

Written by Reshae Davenport​

Here I introduce to you, for your viewing pleasure, and in no particular order, eight lesser-known YouTube channels to add to your subscription list. From art, culture, social justice, and college life these channels are sure to pique your interest. Although these channels are small their content is inspiring, engaging, fresh, and deserving of a larger audience. Also, all of these channels post videos that are generally between 2-25 minutes long. So, enjoy one of these hidden gems while on the go, in a waiting room, or during a study break and share them with your friends.


A channel run by a twenty-something university student for anyone interested in fashion. The editing in her videos is top-notch. Also, many of the videos feature lo-fi hip-hop, electronic, and R&B remixes which make for a very relaxed tone. Clothesnbits typically models the clothing herself. She chooses a theme, then features several outfits that match the theme in each video. The fashions are often relaxed fit, androgynous and/or feminine streetwear looks.


This next channel features a transgender YouTuber whose videos discuss various social justice issues. She uses her background in Philosophy, whip-smart humor, and a cast of colorful characters played by herself to give unique and intellectual critiques of opposing Alt-Right views. Hence the name ContraPoints. Come for the commentary, stay for the costumes, set designs, and bizarre cutaway scenes.


On this channel, you’ll find a series of videos created by a young Harvard student studying computer science. John creates vlogs where he discusses and documents his college experiences and the things that motivate him. He also gives advice on studying for exams, taking notes, mental health, and other topics relevant to university students. This channel is great for any student who’s looking for relatable content and a bit of encouragement.


Funny, bold, outspoken, and cheeky are all words that describe this next YouTube channel. Those characteristics make it unique in the subset of the YouTube community known as BookTube, where content creators analyze and recommend literature to their viewers. Lily’s criticisms are sound, her love of reading is obvious, and the candid style of her videos makes you feel like you’re sharing a reading experience with a friend. This channel is perfect for anyone who loves books, especially young adults. She is currently reading “Harry Potter” for the first time, without spoilers, and vlogging her reactions.


This channel describes itself in the following words: “AJ+ is a global news community for the connected generation. We highlight human struggles and achievements, empower impassioned voices, and challenge the status quo.” AJ+ is great for anyone interested in learning more about various cultures and news happening both in the United States and around the world. I especially enjoyed a short documentary series they made which used the history of Americanized Chinese food to tell the history of Chinese Americans.


This channel is run by brothers XXYungLordXX and AK Da Cannon who are both underground hip-hop artists. They review hip-hop music and music videos. They stay current and upload regularly as new music comes out. Subscribing to this channel is a great way to discover a lot of mainstream and underground artists across various subgenres of hip-hop. The brothers who run this channel have an obvious passion for music, and their hyped energy is infectious. I’m always excited to see their excitement about a new release.

Girl Ship TV

Describes itself as “content made for queer women by queer women. Run by Amanda Holland.” Amanda Holland is a former BuzzFeed employee who branched out to create her own content. She involves other YouTube personalities and her former coworkers from BuzzFeed in her creative projects. Together, they make video series about queer female characters. They also drink together while they watch and react to movies/music videos featuring queer female characters. The reactions are always funny and entertaining, regardless of the quality of the film or video they are reacting to. It’s fun to see how their reactions align with your own. Additionally, their original series is quirky and lighthearted with clever comedic dialogue.

Pop Culture Detective

Last but not least! This channel uploads video essays that analyze how masculinity is portrayed in pop-culture, usually in TV and movies. The videos are thought-provoking and well-produced. A great choice for anyone who is interested in the social and political messages that are sent through the characters and stories we all love. I particularly enjoyed their videos about “Steven Universe."



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