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Cleveland Heights Grog Shop

Written by Michella Dilworth

After a long car ride, you are overwhelmed with emotions after a months of waiting for this night. The air is heavy with anticipation from the crowd. The black X’s hit your hands, then your heart begins to race from excitement. You squeeze your way into the overwhelming crowd in front of the stage. The crowd is ready to sing every word to every song of the bands performing. Everyone is there for the same exact reasons: the music and the feeling that comes with seeing bands that mean everything to you.

The Grog Shop has been a part of the Cleveland Heights community since 1992. The sensation began in the Coventry Road neighborhood, then expanded in size when it moved to its current location on Euclid Heights Boulevard in 2003. The location is known for hosting a variety of distinctive artists.

The Grog Shop may not seem like much from the outside, but it is the perfect setting to socialize with friends and have a wonderful time with your favorite artists. The venue has played a significant role in the music scene for the Cleveland area, providing a place for “underground” bands to come and perform in a safe setting for their fans. The Grog has been a safe haven for young adults to express themselves through music and gives them an opportunity to show their appreciation for music.



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