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Black-Owned Businesses to Support This Fall

Written by Claudia Ugbana // Illustrated by Asha McClendon

This list is far from exhaustive, but here are 60 Black-owned businesses and brands you can support this fall.

The unjust killing of George Floyd on May 25, and the killings and torture of civilians in African countries such as Nambia and Nigeria, amplified the growing problem of police brutality. Thousands of individuals were arrested for protesting, leading to many generous donations from sympathizers to bail-out funds and organizations. As a result, an initiative centered around supporting Black-owned businesses emerged across the nation.

The most direct way to aid Black individuals is by supporting Black-owned brands and businesses that have been disproportionately affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Historically, Black-owned businesses have a harder time gaining the loans and capital necessary to start their businesses, and this is no doubt a result of systemic racism. Over the past months, many people have begun putting their money where their mouths are by purchasing products from Black-owned businesses and endorsing their brands.

You can be part of the initiative to aid Black individuals by referencing (and hopefully purchasing products from) the large selection of Black-owned businesses listed below. These businesses have been categorized into four main areas: Food and Drink, Beauty and Lifestyle, Clothing and Accessories, and Entertainment.

Food & Drink

Robin & Andréa McBride grew up on two different continents and knew nothing of the other sister’s existence for half their lives. They eventually reunited in 1999 and discovered they both shared a unique passion for wine. They are the first African-American sister duo to own a wine company. They sell a variety of wines representing the places they grew up.

Angie first started cooking soul food back in the late 1970s. In 1986, she ventured out and opened a number of restaurants in Cleveland, turning her business into a local staple. She and her family have created a revolution of brands that are still going strong 25 years later.

Sisters Kharisma and Kyra Mayo decided to open a fully vegan doughnut shop in 2014 after nearly a decade of being vegetarians. Their obsession with doughnuts brought them to the realization that the options of vegan doughnuts in Northeast Ohio were limited. Their company is the first and only 100% vegan operated doughnut shop.

Dope Coffee was founded on the principle that communities and people of color can use capitalism, culture and commodities to change their communities, according to co-founder and CEO Michael Loyd.

The Furlough Cheesecake was born after sisters Nikki Thompson Howard and Jaqi Thompson Wright found themselves unemployed in 2018. The sisters have since sold over 6,000 cheesecakes all over the country, and their business grows larger each day.

Founded in 2016 by self-taught pastry chef, owner Jasmine has harbored a love for all things sweet since she was a little girl. Jasmine is now known for her signature Oreo brownie and a variety of other sweet and savory desserts.

Ibraheem Basir started selling soulfully seasoned beans in 2018 when he discovered how hard it was to find convenient foods that were both healthy and authentic. Today, he cultivates natural recipes that he sells through retail markets such as Walmart and Amazon.

Black and Mobile is the country’s first Black-owned food delivery service that partners with and delivers foods made by Black-owned restaurants in order to give them more exposure and reach a larger number of people. The company currently services communities within Atlanta, Detroit and Philadelphia.

Hawa Hassan is a Somalian woman who was separated from her mother at age seven. Fifteen years later, she reunited with her mother who inspired the authentic sauces and flavors her company sells.

Jason Ridgel was inspired by whiskey culture and was motivated by a deep sense of family and friendship when he created the company in October 2018. Only two years old, Guidance Whiskey is sold in stores located in Georgia and Tennessee and ships to most of the U.S.

Iya Foods provides consumers with authentic African-inspired dishes and recipes, while reducing poverty and providing sustainable jobs. The company was founded by Toyin Kolawole, who also doubles as the company's CEO and in-house chef.

Three brothers from the Bronx came together and created a company that manufactures and sells quality chocolate bars made from two key ingredients: cocoa beans and raw cane sugar. Dominic, Nicholas and Daniel Maloney strive to elevate the quality of chocolate sold in the U.S. by emulating the chocolate they enjoyed in their home country Trinidad and Tobago.

At just 15 years old, Mikaila is the founder of an award-winning lemonade manufacturer. Me & The Bees Lemonade can be found at wholefood stores such as World Market and H-E-B stores located in Texas, as well as a number of restaurants, food trailers and food delivery services.

Owned and operated by a first generation herbalist, Ivy’s Tea Co. launched in 2016 to amplify the idea that the tea drinking society should be as representative and inclusive as the hip-hop community is.

The husband and wife duo, Giuseppe and Skyler, are both third generation but come from different parts of the world. Starting Exau, an olive oil company, was the perfect way to bring their Calabria, Italy and California backgrounds together.

Salt N Sprinkles sells vegan, gluten-free baked goods that are both savory and tasty. The company is owned by Sam Perpignand, who first discovered her love for cooking when she was just 10 years old. The baker and food lover is based in Los Angeles, however she does ship nationwide.

"Historically, Black-owned businesses have a harder time gaining the loans and capital necessary to start their businesses, and this is no doubt a result of systemic racism."

Beauty & Lifestyle

Chiche Eburu is the Nigerian-born owner and founder of the makeup brand that has seen a massive growth since the company’s launch in 2014. Juvia's Place is known for its representation of African countries and culture, the bold colors and the pigmentation of their eyeshadow palettes.

Founded by sisters Whitney and Taffeta White, Melanin Haircare aims to aid the growth of natural hair and proper care of the scalp with high-quality and natural ingredients. The company took six years to launch, but continues to expand each year.

Cashmere Nicole built this cosmetics brand from the ground up while raising her daughter on her own. This journey took her several years, but the brand is now well-known across the country for its diversity and philanthropy.

Nekawa Beauty started as a business school, but later turned into a successful skincare line by Awa Diaw and Chelsea Trotter. The two women put together their love for organic shea butter and shrewd business, creating a company that has garnered respect in the skincare industry.

Founded by Nigerian-born and LA-based Sharon Chuter, the beauty brand aims to include all skin tones. Products from the brand are made with innovative technology that is both pleasing and suitable for all skin types.

Latched & Hooked is the original creator of textured, pre-curled synthetic hair that matches the natural hair texture of Black women. The company is owned by Tiffini Gatlin, a former corporate bank executive who has a number of successful digital brands under her belt.

Originally founded in 2013, Your Lash Bar has since been rebranded with a mission to create and sell quality eyelashes for an affordable price. The company is owned and creatively directed by beauty influencer Taylor Lloyd.

This lifestyle brand is founded by Nigerian-American Youtube creator Jackie Aina. Although the brand launched during a global pandemic, its products continuously sell out. FORVR Mood sells everything from luxury scented candles to silk pillowcases and headbands to keep you looking bougie on a budget.

Taisha and Eliza built a great friendship and travel business while on a trip to Bali, Indonesia. The company handles everything from travel plans to destination weddings, including flight bookings.

Miss Jay is a Cleveland-based hairstylist with a large portfolio and years of experience. Her services include hair braiding, coloring and cutting styles for individuals of any race, age or gender.

KJ Miller and Amanda Johnson conceived the idea to create the beauty brand over a glass of wine one night, as they wondered why finding the right nude for women of color was so difficult. They created Mented Cosmetics with Black women especially in mind, and continue to sell makeup products that are pigmented, vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic.

This hair company is a creation by sisters Janell and Janai Willis, founded on the basis of love and an inspiration to deliver quality hair extensions and custom wigs.

Skin Buttr is a hand-made skincare brand that sells natural body butters, scrubs and a variety of other skincare products. The company was founded by beauty influencer Tatiana Elizabeth, who had a mission to simplify, educate and promote healthy, glowing skin while pushing sustainability.

Stella Ndelike founded Nuban Beauty, the Nigerian-based cosmetics brand. However, she credits its success in the beauty industry to co-director Jane Ogu, who has a vast knowledge in the makeup and beauty industry, spanning over 10 years. Both women partnered with one another with one goal in mind: to bring quality makeup products to all makeup lovers within Africa.

Tired of feeling frustrated by the lack of availability in sunscreen products that catered to melanin women, Sontay Lundy created the Black Girl Sunscreen that is praised in the beauty industry. The brand has expanded globally to provide all individuals of color with a product that protects them from the harsh UV rays and also flatters the skin.

The Honey Pot is the first feminine hygiene company that provides a variety of products that cleanse, balance and protect a woman's vagina. Bea Dixon got the idea for the company one night after her ancestor visited her in a dream with a vision of how to properly heal herself (and other women struggling with the same issues) by using ingredients made from the earth.

Ayo Ogun, a mother of six children, founded this company on the basis of simply making one's hair and body feel good. She serves as the company’s creator, sistapreneur, ingredient stylist and mixtress.

Loraine R. Dowdy left her high-paying job in 2013 and founded the cosmetics brand that is highly respected and well-known in the beauty industry today. Coloured Raine sells highly pigmented lip products and eyeshadow palettes that are cruelty-free and vegan.

This hair company is owned by Houston-based college stylist Osayuwa Evbayiro. Each unit is custom made to provide quality wigs that fit every mood and style.

Owned by Angel Adu, the self-named brand provides quality mink lashes that can be worn up to 30 times if handled with proper care. The beauty company also provides one-on-one business consulting to individuals who are interested in starting their own business.

Adeola Ogunneye had a daily struggle with her dry skin which led to the development of her skincare brand. The Arome moisturizing collection consists of body butters and cremes that enhance the natural properties of the skin.

Clothing & Accessories

Newly founded by beauty influencer Aaliyah Jay, the resort-wear company is already applauded for selling quality swimwear at affordable prices.

The clothing company is a London-based womenswear brand founded by fashion blogger Fisayo Longe. Although the company was established merely four years ago, the brand has grown rapidly and is well on its way to becoming a leader in the fashion industry.

Created during a global pandemic, Farai London has already begun dominating the fashion industry as many high-profile celebrities such as Megan Thee Stallion and Jordyn Woods have been spotted wearing dresses from the brand. The clothing brand is owned and operated by London-based fashion designer MaryAnn Msengi.

Chineme Ogbuefi is the founder of the accessory brand that sells quality headwraps and facemasks which feature a multitude of African prints and designs. All products are made in Nigeria but also sold within the U.S.

Telfar is a unisex fashion brand based in New York but sold internationally. Although they sell shoes, clothing and jewelry, they are most famous for their handbags which continuously sell out within a matter of minutes on each restock day. The company is owned and operated by Telfar Clemens.

Jusme Kamil is the creator of this accessory brand which produces handmade earrings constructed with bamboo. The unique earrings have been worn by celebrities and well-known influencers like Kehlani and Jackie Aina.

This international fashion brand is owned by Johnson Odimayo and Emmanuel Williams, who met by chance in Westfield, Stratford, England in 2015. The duo have gone on to build an empire of clothing items that have received overall positive reviews.

Monti Landers is the founder of this high-fashion swimwear brand. The brand is known for its cheeky bikini bottoms and flattering one-piece bathing suits that are suitable for women of all sizes and colors.

Founded in 2015 by womenswear designer Karice Leila, the idea behind the clothing brand was derived from the lack of diversity within Karice’s closet. She is now the proud owner of a clothing brand that creates day-to-night pieces suited for all women.

Loud Brand Studios is a clothing brand that features limited and timeless pieces. Curator and designer of the brand Jedidiah Duyile draws inspiration from vintage pieces designed in the early 2000s. Although the brand is based in the U.K., they ship internationally.


This Instagram account is run by Natasha, a veteran mom of two who shares her experiences on motherhood, self-love and family building.

This food blog is owned by Oghosa Aburime, a Houston-based homecook who captures her experiences trying a variety of Houston’s greatest dishes.

Arayo is a lifestyle Youtuber based in the U.K. Her content varies from clothing hauls to sit-down videos where she discusses relationships, cancel culture and spiritual energy.

This vegan food page is run by friends Tobi Idowu and Beulah Waritimi. The duo share unique ingredients and meals that push individuals to pursue a healthier and cleaner lifestyle.

Gabby is an NYC-based digital creator and social media influencer. When she isn't vlogging or posting about the fast-paced lifestyle in one of the world's busiest cities, she is nestled somewhere in the halls of NYU where she is earning her Ph.D.

Also known as F&S, this is a podcast hosted by longtime friends Feyikemi Akin-Bankole and Simisola Badiru. The Nigerian-based podcast discusses a multitude of topics surrounding entertainment, life experiences and opinions on pop culture.

This food blog is run by Mercedes Davis, a Cleveland-based home chef and esthetician. Mercedes has a community around the brand that goes beyond the blog; but it is also an initiative centered around empowering Black women in a plethora of ways, starting in the kitchen.

This photography company is a one-man business operated by Michael Adebamowo. The self-taught photographer captures all events, celebrations and personal portraits in the D.C. area.

Hosted by two highly influential women, Feyikemi Abudu and Jola Ayeye, I Said What I Said is a podcast channel detailing the experiences of Lagos millennials through the eyes of both women.

This is a Houston-based web-series following the lives of Black college students. The series is creatively directed by Amaka Egbe in collaboration with other individuals in the Houston area.

The Wholesome Project is both a Youtube channel and blog page operated by Mercedes Oyemenam. The project was born behind the desire to provide a one-stop resource center for intentional growth and development.

Mandu Mbride is a 25-year-old blogger who shares content on a millennial girl’s lifestyle in the corporate world. The Houston-based blogger also details information on womanhood and Black culture.

Anywhere Media is an outdoor cinema rental service based in Houston, Texas. The media company specializes in delivering unique experiences, while optimizing for social distancing at their events. They host a variety of parties, from New Year’s Eve events to couples date nights.

Why it is important to support Black-owned businesses

Most of the businesses highlighted on this list are small, growing businesses. Their expansion depends solely on the support from the public. Furthermore, it is imperative we support these businesses to our fullest capabilities as Black-owned businesses within the U.S. fell more than 40 percent amid the current pandemic, the largest drop out of all other racial groups.

No matter what city, country or continent you live on, this curated list ensures you are able to purchase goods sold by any of these companies. However, this list should not be the only place to find Black-owned businesses to support. Society must conduct further research to ensure the power of coming together.

More than ever, it is important to not only shop Black-owned businesses this fall, but from here going forward.

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